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Vego White - Almond Bliss Vegan White Chocolate Bar 50g


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Fine creation made of creamy almond paste, cocoa butter and roasted almond bits.

A delicious Vegan White chocolate bars for those of you out there who cannot resist the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that white chocolate brings. With almond bits to add a delightful contrasted texture to this bar that will definitely quench your wildest chocolate desires.


Organic white cocoa product with almonds. Ingredients: cane sugar*, cocoa butter* (26 %), almonds* (26 %), inulin*, sea salt, ground vanilla*. * = organic certified / Allergy note: May contain traces of milk and hazelnuts.

Sugar, cocoa, vanilla are sourced, traded and audited as Fairtrade, total 99 %. Fairtrade sugar and cocoa may be mixed with non-certified sugar and cocoa on a mass balance basis. Visit

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