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Vegan Organic Chocolate Bars Taster Packs - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Fair Trade

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German brand Rapunzel stands for the highest quality according to the Swiss chocolate manufacturing tradition combined with valuable fair trade ingredients from organic agriculture. In addition to the high quality raw materials, intensive and lengthy chocolate mixing is the real secret of true chocolate enjoyment. Through the art of chocolate crafting, the initially still hidden wealth of cocoa-like aromas develops step by step to full development. Only then is thus perfectly balanced and delicate taste achieved

Make your selection among the following:

  • Classic Taster Pack 

Which includes: Nirwana Dark Chocolate + Nirwana Classic Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate + Coconut Milk Chocolate with 45% cocoa. Choose this set if you want to try a bit of everything

  • Dark Taster Pack 

Which includes: Nirwana Noir Dark Praline + Espresso + Dark Almond

More about the Chocolates:

Espresso: Dark 51% with Coffee splinters (Extra Thin) With fine cocoa and roasted espresso bean splinters, this one is a must for all espresso fans.

Dark Almond: delicate dark chocolate (55%) with almond pieces, 80g (Extra Thin) Plenty of fine cocoa and crisply roasted almond pieces give the chocolate its intense aroma.

Nirwana Noir (Dark Praline) - the jewel among bitter chocolates. Delicately melting and creamy with a fine dark praline filling.

Nirwana Vegan Classic Hazelnut Praline Filling Chocolate Bar. Veyou's Favourite!  The Swiss take on Vegan Chocolate for all connoisseurs. The fine, creamy praline melts delicately on the tongue.

Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar 80g (Extra Thin) 45% Cocoa. Delicate melting seduction: Coconut milk and a slight hint of caramel brought by coconut blossom sugar make this chocolate a special treat - not solely for vegans The soft touch of coconut harmonizes perfectly with the intense aroma of the cocoa. Mainly Dark with 45% Cocoa content

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