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Veyou's Insane Creamy Vegan Chocolate Classic Italian Hazelnut Praline 150g


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Our NEW and IMPROVED recipe has landed!
Higher Hazelnut content means a creamier praline. Insanely tasty. A blissful treat. 100% Vegan.
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Vegan Chocolate never tasted so good! Rediscover the exquisite taste experience brought by this hazelnut-rich praline chocolate delicacy. A must-have for the true lovers of Chocolate, this Vegan-Friendly treat is made with 34% Real Hazelnuts and cocoa butter to recreate the delicious taste of Milk chocolate without any dairy*!

Soon available in a Jumbo 250g Kraft box.

This Italian chocolate originates from the Piedmont region of Italy where Napoleon blocked the cocoa supply in the country. A master chocolatier in Turin named Prochet decided to mix his chocolate with hazelnuts to extend his supply, and the Gianduia Chocolate was born!

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